Hotel Saligari -Pet Friendly

In our Pet friends are welcome and cuddled.

You no longer have to worry about leaving your pet in someone’s company: in our hotel pet friendly dogs and cats will share with you an unforgettable holiday.

Well behaved dogs and cats can sleep in your own room using all the convenience and comfort of the Hotel.

Rooms are subject to rigorous hygienizing and mite order to ensure maximum comfort to our guests and their pet friends.


• Cover or basket where your dog or cat will remarry and spend the night

• Bowl for food and water

• Sacchettini Toilet

• Rooms with balcony (subject to availability)

• Access to the restaurant

• Presence of a veterinarian for emergencies nearby Hotel

• Cleaning and sanitizing chamber for Pet up to 14 kg: free.

• Supplement Pet over 15 kg: 10,00 €.

Before arrival, it is always useful to communicate the presence of animals so that the hotel can reserve a room suitable depending on the size and number of Pet.