Green Hotel

Hotel makes environmental sustainability a fundamental value, in daily choices and in structure conformation
Hotel Saligari, eco friendly hotel

A green hotel

for a sustainable tourism

We love our region and the theme of environmental sustainability is very close to our hearts and that is why we want to help protect our planet in our small way.
We want to be promoters of a new kind of holiday, proposing a new way of travelling.
We have integrated sustainability into the hotel’s architecture.

The virtuous practices and eco friendly at Saligari Hotel

Energy saving

  • All the roof layers have been completely insulated with a highly insulating material, the inner walls of the chambers and the floors as well as the complete renovation of all the exterior windows with thermal glass.
  • in the corridors and in the public toilets it has been installed the electric sensors for switching on and off in person.
  • the heating and air conditioning of the rooms is individually sectioned and activated according to reservations.
  • The hotel is equipped with a photovoltaic system with a production of 20 watts
  • A solar system consisting of 12 panels, supplies hot water 3 accumulators of 1000 liters each


Water saving

  • in public bathrooms, taps are automatically switched on and off
  • All toilet flushes in bathrooms are equipped with a double push-button for minimum and maximum water supply
  • water for watering games, irrigation of the garden and flowers is taken from the river Ratti which flows in the nearby.
  • Centralized dispenser are installed for the supply of the minimum necessary detergent for the cleaning 


Eco-friendly services

  • Soap dispensers, shower foam and toilet paper have been installed throughout the facility
  • we sensitize guests to the continuous use of towels to avoid wastefulness
  • The use of the plastic has almost been exhausted, replaced by wadding and cellulose or wood.
Photovoltaic systems for maximum sustainability of the hotel Saligari

Local raw materials

Our raw material suppliers are mainly from the area. In addition to the virtuous practices to limit the impact on the environment we also promote a further form of sustainability: that towards our territory and the people who carry on the centuries-old tradition of agriculture and craftsmanship.

All dairy products and cheeses come from the farm "La carne del contadino" in Dubino, a few kilometers from the hotel, as well as cold cuts. The vegetables are from our own production and from local suppliers: healthy, genuine and really zero km.

Raw materials at km zero for Hotel Saligari

Electric bikes and mountain bikes to explore the territory

At our hotel we have created a bike park with electric e-bikes and mountain bikes for hire for our guests, that have the opportunity to walk the magnificent trails in the mountains of Valchiavenna and Valtellina and to move comfortably without using the car.

Throughout the territory, in fact, there are numerous bike paths that allow you to travel safely, including the Valtellina Path that connects Bormio to Lake Como.

Electrical bikes and mountain bikes for the guests of Hotel Saligari

Nature to discover and enhance

The territory that extends from Verceia, where the Hotel Saligari is located, towards Switzerland on one side and Lake Como on the other is a mine of natural wonders of particular value, between lake and mountain.

For guests staying at the hotel we offer all the information and tools to discover and explore the nature of Valchiavenna: flora and fauna of the region, nature parks and other places of interest to visit.

Valchiavenna, landescapes with Alps